Brewer’s Fresh

Brewer’s Fresh is an independent draft beer solutions company that is dedicated to helping retailers serve beer exactly like the brewer intended. Through training, quality control, and preventative maintenance we match the passion of the brewery by making sure that every beer faucet is treated with equal care and respect. With an emphasis on customer service and efficiency, our goal is to maximize beer profit while maintaining flavor profile throughout the system. We specialize in new installations, draft rehab, troubleshooting issues, and routine system cleaning. Contact us to learn more about how to keep your beer tasting Brewer’s Fresh.

Sam Orlansky is the owner and operator of Brewer’s Fresh, Draft Beer Solutions. He received a Diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing & Distilling in 2007. He also attended the UC Davis Master Brewer’s Program where he received his Professional Brewing Certificate. Sam has a B.S. in Managerial Economics from UC Davis.

Sam has been a member of the craft brewing industry for over a decade. He received his practical brewing training in the Pacific Northwest before returning to his hometown of San Diego. During his time in Oregon he worked for craft beer pioneers Portland Brewing and Bridgeport Brewing, one of the first breweries to make IPA in the United States. Sam also worked as a pub brewer for Lompoc Brewing Co where he gained national attention on NPR for his recipe, 8 Malty Nights. Sam has extensive experience in all aspects of brewery operations including brewhouse operations, cellar operations, filtration, packaging, yeast management, quality control, and sensory analysis.

After brewing thousands of barrels of beer, Sam became keenly aware of the change in beer quality and taste with the effects of time, temperature, and negligence. In the brewery, he became obsessed with quality control, flavor stability, and maintaining freshness. In 2015 he decided to take his passion for beer to the taps, so he attended the Advanced Draft Training Course at Micromatic. Since then he has installed multiple direct-draw, air cooled, and glycol cooled draft systems. In addition, he’s provided service and cleaning expertise to over 300 retail accounts.

At Brewer’s Fresh, Sam brings his passion for brewing and his commitment to fresh beer from grain to glass. Feel free to contact Sam directly to learn more about new installation, draft rehab, troubleshooting, and routine cleaning.

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