About Us & SAFECID

Brewer’s Fresh is a privately woman-owned draft beer solutions company that has brought remarkable innovation to the beer line cleaning industry. We are passionate and committed to keeping the quality and freshness of beer and maximizing beer profits for our customers while insisting on using safe practices that protect patrons, employees and the environment.

We only use SAFECID beer line cleaning chemicals and are an exclusive independent distributor.  Unlike the chemicals used by most beer line cleaners, SAFECID’s patented alternative chemicals provide powerful cleaning solutions that are safe on the skin, safe for the eyes and safe for aquatic life.  Internally tested by our beer line cleaning team as well as impressive testimonials from across the nation, SAFECID should be the only choice for restaurant and brewery owners that care about protecting people and the environment.

Customer service is the cornerstone of our business ideology, and our dedication to safe beer line cleaning has become synonymous with our brand. Through technical training, quality control, and preventive maintenance procedures, we match the brewery’s dedication by ensuring that every beer faucet is treated equally. Our specialized services include SAFECID chemical distribution and sales, new draft system installations, draft rehab, troubleshooting issues, and routine system cleaning. We are personally vested in delivering a quality service and products that bring spectacular results.

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EVAN PAPAI Principal & Chief Draft Technician:

The wizard who keeps things running, Evan Papai, is the driving force of Brewer Fresh. His experience of working in the bar, restaurant, and construction industries after graduating from San Diego State University has polished his inherent talent and enabled him to run the operation with excellence in customer service skillfully. He is always up for a challenge and has a can-do attitude that encourages and motivates every team member. His expertise in the industry comes from attending the Micromatic Advanced Draft Training course, which was cemented by extensive and exacting on-the-job training by Sam Orlansky. Evan is an asset of Brewer’s Fresh, a leader, trainer, and an invaluable friend.

Contact Evan @ evan@brewerfresh.com


DINA L LIEBER Principal and CEO

The mastermind who has made Brewer’s Fresh scale with outstanding growth strategies and excellent corporate management, Dina Lieber is the wind beneath our wings. Her B.S. in Sales Management and an MBA from the University of Redland have supplemented her natural flair and genius. She is the reason for Brewer’s Fresh’s efficiency, productivity, and customer value.

Her professional training from Advanced Draft Training Course and on-the-job training from Sam Orlansky has sharpened her already considerable skills. She has a plethora of experience selling, marketing, and financing thousands of residential and commercial assets like master-planned developments, urban multi-family, conversions, mixed-use, luxury resort homes, and more.

Despite her busy schedule, Dina’s compassion for community service has taken her throughout San Diego County and beyond. Organization, planning, and execution of service projects, as well as previously serving as the executive board member of A Safe Haven Foundation and a Keystone Board member of The Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago, she is currently a board member of The San Diego Rescue Mission.

Contact Dina @ dina@brewersfresh.com


SAM ORLANSKY Corporate Advisor and Trainer

He has been a member of the craft brewing industry for over two decades and was also the previous owner of Brewers Fresh. Sam took practical brewing training in the Pacific Northwest. Since returning to his hometown of San Diego, he has worked with craft beer pioneers like Portland Brewing and Bridgeport Brewing, the frontrunners in making IPA in the United States.

His recipe of 8 Malty Nights earned him national attention on NPR while employed at Lompoc Brewing Co. He has vast experience in all aspects of brewery operations, such as brew house operations, cellar operations, filtration packaging, yeast management, quality controls, and sensory analysis.

Spending countless hours working with barrels of beer, Sam realized the effects time, temperature, and negligence had on the quality and taste of beer. His immersive dedication to quality control, flavor stability, and freshness took him to the Advanced draft Training Course at Micromatic in 2015. Since then, he has installed multiple direct-draw, air-cooled, and glycol-cooled draft systems and provided service and cleaning expertise to over 300 retail accounts.